Mulebar : a socially and environmentally committed brand

Choosing Mulebar means choosing an ethical, environmentally and socially committed brand.

Respect for the environment is in our DNA

From 2008 until 2019, Mulebar has been the first sports nutrition brand to be a member of the 1% for the Planet association. This association, created by Yvon Chouinard, the legendary founder of the Patagonia brand, enables thousands of corporate sponsors to finance hundreds of associations committed to protecting animals and the environment by donating 1% of their turnover.

We reluctantly had to put this partnership on hold at the beginning of 2020, in order to reduce the financial burden between Covid's two years and the receivership in 2023. We hope to restart this partnership as soon as Mulebar's financial situation stabilises.

How do we reduce plastic waste ?

Our energy bars, gels and compotes are often consumed outdoors, in the middle of nature, on hiking trails, mountain passes, snow-covered slopes, etc. We're making life easier for nature lovers and limiting the risk of waste by developing innovative packaging!

In 2012, Mulebar bars were the first to be packaged in compostable film made from wood cellulose and corn. Unfortunately, these films were too permeable to air and the shelf life of the products was not long enough to meet the needs of the shops. We had to go back to more traditional packaging to guarantee optimum quality for our bars.

We are proud to have been the first brand to create energy gel refills from 2013 and energy gel tubes really resealable and refillable! No more non-resealable and therefore sticky single-use plastic tubes that the most unscrupulous people (unfortunately there are many of them) trash anywhere to keep their pockts clean. 

Our new powdered drinks for dilution are packaged in "Doypack" sachets made from recycled and recyclable paper. The dosing spoon, made in France, is recyclable, and the labels carry the 'imprim'vert' label. This packaging is more environmentally friendly than the bi-material metal/cardboard or plastic boxes used by some of our competitors. What's more, they're easier to take with you when you travel, as they take up less space.

Order less but better

Reducing your carbon footprint also counts for intelligent orders. We have put free shipping from 100 euros of purchase. Since the expiration dates on Mulebar products are generally very long, take the opportunity to space out your orders and reach this minimum amount rather than ordering once a month (there are many who have succumbed to Amazon syndrome).

You will save money, you will reduce cardboard packaging and the number of trucks on the roads and you will help Mulebar to reduce its costs. An order shipping costs us more than we invoice for it because of postage and preparation costs at our logistics partner.

Our social commitment

Several of our packs, such as mixed boxes of bars or gels, need to be made by hand. We call on the APEI ESAT an establishment, few miles from our warehouse, which help disabled workers to exercise a professional activity adapted to their personal abilities.

There are more than 1000 centers in France, and the services that they offer are extremely varied: order preparation, audiovisual, electrical assembly, mailings ...