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Flask réutilisable en silicone Mulebar 60mlFlask réutilisable en silicone Mulebar 60ml avec bouchon antigoutte
Soft flask 150ml Mulebar en Silicone


Complete your nutrition with our accessories: vial and soft silicone flasks for energy gels, bottles, caps or tote bags. 

Silicone vial and flexible flask

It is possible to fill the tubes of 37g after washing them in hot water which avoids throwing them away after a single use. This is why we made these robust and durable tubes with a real resealable cap when all other brands offer single-use plastic packaging that is impossible to reseal, which is why some discreetly dispose of them in the great outdoors.

For those who want to carry more gels in one container or dilute them slightly, we have created two reusable silicone vials to make it easier to use our gel ecorefills.

  • A 60ml vial which contains the equivalent of 2 tubes of gel 37g
  • A 150ml soft flask which contains the equivalent of 5 tubes of 37g gel