Mulebar vegan and gluten free energy compote 65g / Chestnut

  • Resealable cap for taking several times
  • No artificial or chemical flavors
  • Rectangular format easy to store in a pocket
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Made in Ardèche
  • 2 to 5 working days delivery in Europe
  • Best before : April 28th 2027
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A rapid supply of energy packaged in an ultra practical packaging (cap for taking several times) and space-saving (easily placed on the back of a cycling jersey, the pocket of shorts or a trail vest)!

Chestnut cream is rich in complex carbohydrates, it offers a prolonged release of energy, ideal for long-term efforts. Its fiber content also helps with optimal digestion, minimizing discomfort during physical activity. Naturally sweet, chestnut enriches the Mulebar range of energy compotes with a pleasant flavor. In addition, it provides essential vitamins and minerals to support the muscle recovery of athletes.

This 65g energy compote is vegan certified and does not contain gluten.

If you want to save money, this compote is also available in pack of 4 chestnut energy compotes or in box of 10 chestnut energy compotes.


60% chestnut puree (chestnuts 70%, water 10%), 40% brown rice syrup

Nutritional values

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100g 65g
Energy kJ 829 539
KCal Energy 195 127
Fats (g) 0.5 0.3
Incl. saturated fatty acids (g) <0.1 <0.1
Carbohydrates (g) 49 32
Including sugars (g) 26 17
Dietary fiber (g) 2.2 1.4
Protein (g) 1 0.7
Salt (g) 0.02 0.01